Tomorrow’s leader in tidal array technology


Tidal technology that incorporates a full systems approach, with low cost operations & maintenance and power reliability core to its design.

HydroWing aims to advance through to deployment the innovative tidal energy converter, the ‘HydroWing’, to provide cost-effective, reliable and predictable power to communities around the globe.

HydroWing is innovative modular system technology that is set to become a world leader in tidal energy. It is a flagship patented technology owned by Inyanga Marine Energy Group.

The HydroWing team members boast an unrivalled track record executing complex tidal energy projects for many of the sector’s past and current developers. In fact, the team have deployed 55% of total global tidal energy capacity.

It is through building on this vast experience that the HydroWing technology was conceived.  It reduces complexity, eliminates cripplingly high maintenance costs, and increases the yield and reliability of tidal generation.

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