Our success comes from our people. We are always looking for new talented team members

We are always searching for team members who share our passion to bring marine renewables projects to fruition and who can further bolster our capability and service offering to clients.

The marine renewable sector is a fast-growing, innovative and exciting industry that has a breadth of opportunities. By working within the sector, you are building our future energy system, powered by clean electricity. This future is better for industry, billpayers and the environment both within the UK and for markets all over the world.

General Enquiries

We  are based across three offices. Please send any job enquiries with a copy of your CV and cover letter saying which regional office is of interest to you. -

Falmouth, Cornwall, UK
Our head office from which all client based engineering and offshore operations projects are managed. In addition all our HydroWing tidal energy R&D is based from as well as our tidal energy projects.

Rennes, France
As a major and expanding market for our engineering and marine operations projects, we have operated this office since 2021. The EU is a major tidal market and this office helps lead EU project development as well as supporting R&D design associated with our HydroWing technology.

Anglesey, Wales
Having secured a 10MW project under UK Governments Contract For DIfference Allocation Round 5 in 2023, this office has been established to manage the implementation and expansion of the Ynni'r Lleuad tidal project.

Advertised Roles

We currently have no specific roles we are actively seeking to fill. Please do send any enquires to relevant regional offices above -