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Tocardo demonstration of tidal array in the Netherlands reaches successful conclusion


After eight years in operation, Tocardo has successfully completed the demonstration of a 1.25MW five turbine tidal energy array at Eastern Scheldt in the Netherlands.

Tocardo is a joint venture of HydroWing and QED Naval, who agreed to work together to develop the Tocardo turbine technology to the next level.

While it was in operation, the Eastern Scheldt Tidal Project represented over 50% of the EU’s operational tidal capacity and contributed to over 30% of the EU’s total tidal power generation before its finalization.

Commenting on the project, Richard Parkinson of Inyanga Marine Energy Group, parent company of HydroWing, said:

“This was the world’s longest operational tidal array, a vitally important demonstration which has proved the operational performance and reliability of the Tocardo T-2 turbines. The valuable insights that we have gained will now feed into the development of our next generation T-3 turbines. This will also give great confidence to our stakeholders and potential investors.

“HydroWing and QED Naval joined forces in 2020 to work together on Tocardo because we could see the huge potential of this turbine technology. We are very excited about the prospect of Tocardo’s new T-3 model which will integrate key blade and control innovations to provide 50% improvements in yield.”

This news closely follows the announcement in September 2023 of HydroWing’s success in achieving UK Government support in the latest Contracts for Difference round. It secured approval for a 10MW tidal stream project in Wales. The company will now work closely with the supply chain in Wales while preparing to deploy their technology off the coast of the isle of Anglesey.

HydroWing’s latest technology addresses all the issues that have held back commercialization of the tidal energy sector. Their patented technology delivers a unique turnkey full systems approach, combining technology development with proven offshore engineering capabilities. Inyanga Marine Energy Group has an exceptional track record in the sector, having already installed 55% of total global tidal energy capacity.
Richard Parkinson added:

“We have made huge progress to date and remain committed to our vision of providing sustainable tidal power generating solutions. These recent developments represent a huge step forward in our journey towards a clean energy future. Our solution is right at the cutting-edge of tidal energy technology.

“A great benefit of tidal energy, when compared to other renewable sources such as wind and solar, is that it is totally reliable and totally predictable. It therefore has an important role to play in the overall energy mix. We believe that our solutions will be able to unlock the huge potential of this valuable energy source.”

Inyanga Marine Energy Group has an exceptional track record in the sector, having already installed 55% of total global tidal energy capacity.
It is estimated that, worldwide, the tidal energy market could deliver 500GW of capacity by 2050. This would translate into a global market value of £53bn.